Tuesday, August 14, 2018

DIY Roofing Projects Gone Wrong

DIY Roof Repair Project

Roofing projects are not to be handled by DIY enthusiasts on their own. Roofing work is dangerous and chances are that amateur roofer lacks the specialized experience or the tools to be able to fix, replace or install their own roofs properly. Even a long time Dallas roofing contractor implements safety training.  Here are a few of the major pitfalls of DIY roofing work:

  • The risk of accidents – if you are not comfortable working at heights and you don’t use the right type of safety equipment, including non-slip shoes, safety straps and harnesses, you risk getting severely injured up there;
  • Work performed improperly – roofing work that looks great after it is finished is not necessarily durable as well. Improperly performed work can lead to the appearance of mold not only underneath the roof, but in the entire house as well and in extreme cases it can also cause the entire roof to age faster or to collapse;
  • Unnecessarily high costs – DIY roofing work usually costs much more than the same work done by a professional. Though many homeowners think that they can save on labor costs doing the roofing job themselves, in reality, they will probably end up paying more because of the inaccurately calculated material quantities or the materials that the inexperienced roofer ruins during the work and that need to be bought again.

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Friday, August 10, 2018

The Benefits of Choosing a Roofing Contractor with Warranties

Roofing Companies That Offer Warranties

Getting a new roof or having a large part of the old roof replaced or repaired is a huge investment, so you need all the warranties that you can get. There are lots of different types of warranties attached to roofing projects, including not only the warranties offered by the manufacturers of the roofing materials used, but also the warranties offered by a roofing company like CLC Roofing on the installation work.

While the manufacturer’s warranty covers the materials that will be used for the roofing project, most roofing material manufacturers have very strict requirements when it comes to how their products are used – if the contractor that is in charge of using the products does not guarantee that the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions are followed, you might lose the product warranty altogether.

What a roofing contractor that offers warranties on his services can give you is not only peace of mind that your roof has been properly installed – he can also give you the peace of mind that your investment is protected if your home is affected by some sort of extreme weather event, such as a storm or a hurricane. The first thing that homes insurers do in such cases is to check whether the roofing materials used are suitable for the climate area and if they have been installed in a flawless, professional manner – the only way to prove that is by providing the manufacturer’s warranty accompanied by the contractor’ warranty.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tips for Deciding If Your Chimney Needs Repair

Quick Tips For Roof Repairs

Chimneys are durable, strong and resistant structural components, but they are exposed to the elements all the time, which can wear them down over time according to experienced Dallas roofing professionals. Some types of chimney damage are visible from the outside, but the absence of obvious indicators is not a guarantee that your chimney is safe and sound. Here are some obvious and some less conspicuous signs that your chimney needs repair:

  • Damaged mortar – this issue can affect the part of the chimney that rests on the roof as well as the part that runs through the attic to the fireplace. Fortunately, it is easy to remedy, but you need to fix it as soon as you can to avoid water penetration and aggravated damage;
  • Spalling – this problem appears when the previous issue is left unaddressed for two long. The water absorbed by the chimney’s bricks damages the masonry, causing the bricks to peel, to pop or to crumble, so be quick to remedy the issue;
  • Rust in the firebox – if your fireplace becomes difficult to operate, the cause may be the damp and rusty firebox. The issue poses a fire hazard, too, so you need to act quickly;
  • A damaged chimney crown – this issue can be noticed only if you climb up to the chimney and take a close look. The crown of the chimney is the first line of defense against the element – if it gets cracked, it can no longer protect the other parts of the chimney against water damage, so restore the integrity of the component as soon as you notice the cracks.

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Dealing With Storm Damage in Dallas

Damaging Hail Storms

The climate in Dallas is characterized by variations in temperature, precipitation and humidity, from one season to the next. There are mild winters and dry hot summers.

When it comes to storms, they occur mostly during spring and fall and may cause various damage, which depends on their intensity and the way people are dealing with them. Storms cannot be prevented, but the technologies we have today allow sending pretty accurate warnings, so that people can take the most efficient precautions and also address the potential damage immediately, otherwise it will only keep bringing more damage in the future.

A storm can cause different levels of damage to buildings, cars and infrastructure. Homeowners can expect problems with their roof, but also with the siding, especially when the wind is strong and there is also hail and should have inspectors with the roofing Dallas TX industry inspect their roof at least twice a year.

Take pictures or make a video to prove what happened during the storm. Ideally, you should also have some visual proof about the way your house looked before the storm; this way, it will be easier for you to make an insurance claim.

If you must do some repairs to the roof or siding, find a reliable company, able to fix them for you as quickly as possible.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

What Do Gutters Do?

Rain Gutter Cleaning Tips

The drainage system of the roof is of major importance for extending its lifetime and protecting the building. It has to be designed and dimensioned, right from the start, according to the dimensions and characteristics of the roof that we want to install. The lack of a drainage system will lead to water infiltration in the walls and rapid erosion of the facade and of the building`s structure, which will inevitably lead to high costs for house maintenance.

The drainage system is composed of gutters, which are fastened by hooks from the roof structure, and downspouts (the tubes on the facades of the buildings), and it has the role of collecting the water from the roof and directing it away from the foundation and to the sewer system.

If we have a roof with a larger surface, we have to look for bigger gutters and downspouts. Specialists say that a 10 cm diameter downspout can easily evacuate water from a roof of 100-200 sqm, depending on where it is positioned.

In order for the drainage system to do its job properly and have a long life span, it must also be maintained regularly. Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned of dirt, leaves and other vegetation debris in order prevent clogging, see https://clcroofing.com/. Clogged gutters would lead to water infiltration inside the house. Also, during winter, snow and ice must be removed from the drainage system.

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Matching Roof Shingle Colors With Your Siding

Matching Roofing With Siding Ideas

When you choose a color for your roof, you must be aware that it will affect the entire aspect of your house; therefore, it is advisable that you find the right balance between the color of the roof, the siding and other exterior elements.  Finding the right balance doesn`t mean to use the same boring neutral colors. It is not necessary to use analogous colors either, because in some cases, the right contrast can be just as pleasant. However, strong contrasts are not recommended.

If you are not so sure about which colors you should pick to match roof shingles with your siding, you should better not be adventurous, and opt instead for white and light grey tones for the siding, as they will go just fine with any roof color, or ask roofers Dallas TX area as they have much experience. Darker siding colors match a darker roof, but a lighter facade matches both light and dark roofs.

Before you buy the amount of paint that you like and consider suitable for finishing your house exterior aspect, you should better make a little test: buy a small amount and apply it on a portion of about one sq meter, let it dry and then observe the result in different lights. The paint may look different than you have anticipated, so this test can help you make sure that it is what you wanted.


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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Can A New Roof Increase a Property’s Value?

New Roof Increased Value

A new roof brings up to 40% more value to a property. Shocked? You shouldn`t be... A new roof is an expensive investment that brings superior protection as well as enhanced exterior aspect installed by a qualified Dallas roofing company in your community. The more your home is expensive, the more you will gain from installing a new roof, especially if you plan to sell it soon.

There are some variables involved in the way that a new roof increases the property`s value.

First, it is the condition of the old roof. When you make a dramatic upgrade, adding not just a new roof but a new roof made from better materials, this will translate into higher home value than in the case of a moderate upgrade. On the same note, adding more style to your roof will add more architectural interest in the eyes of potential buyers, thus more value.

New roofs are made from better materials and have adequate insulations, which make them more efficient, durable and energy-efficient. Old asphalt shingles used to come with a warranty of about 15 years, while some of the new shingles are made from metal, stone-coated metal and other very resistant materials, boasting a significantly longer warranty (even up to 50 years). A new roof on your house also means lower energy bills, which is an attractive perspective for any buyer.

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