Saturday, July 14, 2018

Animals That Cause Roof Damage in Dallas

Cute Baby Sparrow on Rooftop

Cute and funny if you look at them from a distance, birds can become pests, when it comes to your home. Whether we talk about sparrows, pigeons or other species, these uninvited guests can slowly but surely destroy your roof. They make nests under the insulation, under the eaves, in the chimney or directly on the tiles, and it seems almost impossible to get rid of them.

And this is not even the worse part: besides birds, there are various animals that cause damage to the roofs in Texas.  If this has happened to your home, call in a roofing contractor immediately to rectify the situation.


They are so cute, yes, but not all people know that these lovely rodents may cause havoc in your home: they contaminate everything with their droppings, they spread parasites and are able to damage building materials and even the structure of the house. The roof is no exception. Squirrels love to stay in the attic, they gnaw through wood structure, chew on vent pipes, their urine is pungent and you will surely feel their presence as a nuisance.


These animals seem harmless, but they may spread disease. They are destructive by nature, they like to dig through garbage and dumpsters and may take residence in your attic or chimney, where they contaminate the area, tear up insulation materials and even rip holes in the roof.

Have your roof inspected annually and reinforce the roof barrier periodically, to keep away those unwelcomed guests and the problems they cause.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tips For Finding a Professional Commercial Roofer

A commercial roof is only a part of a building, but it protects 100% of it, so you should treat it responsibly; this starts with finding good professional roofers in Dallas for any service that you need: installation, periodic maintenance or repairs.

There are many commercial roofers out there, but you should do your research and find the one that is best equipped to meet your particular needs.

Contact various roofing companies, talk about their recent completed work, see their portfolios and ask them for references (previous clients that you can contact and ask about their level of customer satisfaction while working with that particular roofer ). If a contractor seems too pushy to make you sign a contract, or you feel that you do not get enough attention and assistance, move on to another company. Do not make compromises, because your roof is too important.

Even if the roof is leaking, stay calm and do not sign a contract just for the sake of dealing with this as soon as possible. Do not pick the first option that you find!

A reliable professional roofer should have a long experience in the roofing business, be licensed, certified and insured, so don`t forget to ask about proof of their credentials. You need a contractor with good communication skills and willing to stand behind its work by offering warranties for materials and labor. Finally yet importantly, get everything in writing!

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

How To Keep Your Commercial Roof in Good Conditions

Keep Roofing In Great Condition

Most commercial roofs are flat and this type of roofs need to be periodically examined to determine their overall condition that influences their performance.

Maintenance can be provided upon request by a licensed roofing specialist, but if we are talking only about normal conditions of exploitation, protection or minimal maintenance, these operations can also be  handled by the building owner.

If you want to extend the life of a commercial roof and prevent possible degradation, we recommend that you follow some simple maintenance rules that are in  your best interest:

  • If you must install some equipment on the roof (for example air conditioning units) that might pierce the waterproofing membrane, it is recommended to contact a roofer once you are done, to perform an inspection and make the necessary repairs. Remember that any equipment installed on a flat roof should be put on protective supports, precisely to prevent damage to the structure of the roof membrane.
  • Schedule annual roof inspections with a Dallas roofing contractor to identify potential water leaks, loose or damaged roofing material, clogged gutters and other problems.
  • It is good to have easy access to the roof, to be able to swipe its surface regularly, especially in autumn when flat roofs are prone to accumulate  the greatest amount of dry vegetation, which may prevent water from evaporating completely or flow down the roof through gutters and downspouts.
  • Do not perform any work on the roof that could cause mechanical, thermal or chemical damage to the waterproofing membrane.


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Monday, July 2, 2018

Fourth of July in Dallas – Browsing Through Entertainment Options

July 4th Activities

America`s birthday is quickly approaching and people already think about barbecues, decorations, public festivities, parades and firework shows. In and around Dallas, there will be plenty of things to enjoy. Here is a little guide.

Attending parades, with flags, marching bands, cheer squads and lots of patriotism galore

  • Park Cities Fourth of July Parade
  • Lakewood Fourth of July Parade
  • The Parade in Arlington
  • Plano Lions Independence Day Parade
  • McKinney parades downtown
  • All-Join-In Parade at Old City Park

Going to festivals and parties, enjoying rides, games, live music, food and other special events - all followed by amazing firework shows

  • Kaboom Town Festival, at Addison Circle Park
  • Red White and Boom on the Bridge, downtown
  • Fort Worth’s Fourth, along the Trinity River
  • Light Up Arlington
  • The annual celebration at Lone Star Park

Enjoying live music and art performances, starting from July 1st

  • Entertainment at Panther Island Pavilion, Fort Worth
  • Billy Bob’s Picnic, which is actually an indoor/outdoor festival
  • Outlaw Music Festival, at Starplex Pavilion
  • Free shows at Arlington’s Levitt Pavilion
  • A patriotic musical show at the Meyerson
  • A great show performed by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, at the city’s botanic garden.

As a busy Dallas roofing company within our community, the folks here at CLC roofing want to wish you and your family and safe and fun 4th of July.

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Things to Do in Dallas This June

Dallas On A Summer Day

Dallas offers lots of opportunities to have fun in any season and in any month of the year, but June seems to be an especially busy month when it comes to entertainment and relaxation. Here are a few of the best things you can do in Dallas in June:

  • Visit the Arboretum – the park is spectacular in summer and it launches its Summer in the Arboretum program at the beginning of the month to invite everyone, groups and individual visitors, families with or without kids, friends, locals and tourists to join the many great activities offered;
  • Visit the Farmer’s Market – it is not only a place where you can buy delicious, fresh, local produce, but also an area of the city where you can enjoy live music and taste the best local craft beer;
  • Enjoy the food festival – the three-day festival is organized in Fair Park and it provides wonderful opportunities to try local and international dishes from 60 of the best restaurants in Dallas;
  • Go to a concert – the concert schedule for June is very busy, with lots of events organized indoors and outdoors, some accessible with tickets purchased in advance, others accessible for free for everyone.

CLC Roofing is thankful for the community they serve, and want you to have a wonderful summer, see more

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Important Home Improvement Tips: How to Keep Your Chimney in Good Shape

House Chimney Maintenance

Keeping most areas of your home in good shape is usually straightforward, since you can see what the problem is. If your roof has missing shingles, you know you need to have that problem fixed. If your old siding needs replacing, that’s also a relatively straightforward action to consider.


Masonry chimney maintenance is a big deal in most homes. A broken or infested chimney can also cause a lot of other unwanted problems. However, when it comes to the structural integrity and “health” level of your chimney, things can get a little confusing.


To make sure your chimney is in good order, check for cracks and spalling first. Such problems are easy to remedy, but they have to be addressed quickly, if you don’t want them to degenerate into something a lot worse. Spalling bricks or a cracked chimney crown can easily cost more than $1,000 to fix, so make sure you identify these problems in time.


For adequate maintenance, apply a few coats of chimney sealer, and force it into the cracks. Use duct tape to keep the cracks under pressure until the sealer dries off. Another good maintenance tip is to spray the bricks with water repellent after removing the tape, in order to prevent further damage in the near future. Finally, you can go the extra mile by having a roofing contractor with expert services install a chimney cap designed to keep water and parasites out of the flue.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Your Essential Checklist for Inspecting the Roof of a Newly Purchased Commercial Buidling

Home Roof Inspection

Looking to prevent roof damage from affecting your commercial building and costing you thousands of dollars worth of repairs? These quick and simple tips should help you out:


  1. Does the roof have active guarantees? If so, you might want to avoid tampering with it and call on a professional contractor to perform the inspection – preferably the contractor who helped install the roof in the first place.
  2. Check building records and talk to the previous owners of the building to find out about any common, recurring problems that you should look out for.
  3. Inspect the roof’s interior system or have a Dallas roofing expert do it for you. What you’re looking for is signs of rust, rotting, corrosion or any other forms of weaknesses that could affect the roof’s structural integrity in the long run.
  4. Inspect the building envelope and the rooftop. Are there any visible signs of damage? Can you detect any cracks or other damage in building fixtures around corners or in the area of the flashing or gutters? Also, check whether there is any debris or signs of water pooling on the rooftop.
  5. Finally, inspect any roof-based accessories or equipment that could have had a hand in causing the structural damage you found on your roof.


You’ll find many of these tips to come in handy when you just bought a new building and you have no idea about the roof’s history or where to start searching for possible damage.

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